Create a myXCH domain

Before we begin, please make sure to have the Goby wallet for Chia installed.
Install for Chrome
Install for Brave

Creating a myXCH domain is easy.
Just head to:

Enter the username you'd like to purchase.  For this example, we will create the user "username" and will chose 1 year for the registration.

image.png 23.4 KB

The total price is based off the total number of characters in the username and the length in years.

image.png 29.19 KB

After you click the Register button, you'll be taken to the Quote signing page.

image.png 34.17 KB

You need to make sure you have Goby installed and connected from this point on.    To start the process of minting, click the "Sign Quote and Mint" button.  This may also say "Connect to Goby" if you haven't connected your wallet yet.

Once you click the Sign Quote button, you'll be receive a prompt from your goby wallet:

image.png 23.86 KB

Click the sign button to start the minting process.

This part can take up a while depending on the state of the chia blockchain.  But once the minting process is completed, you will see a button to Take Offer.

image.png 39.26 KB

Taking the offer is the part that will actually trade your XCH for the domain name created.  Be sure to add a fee to the transaction if the network is busy or it may take some time to get your NFT.

NOTE:  You have 2 hours to claim the NFT.  NFTs minted but unclaimed for too long will be destroyed or sold to the public.   The offer will stay private for the first two hours.