What is myXCH.Space

myXCH.Space acts as a landing page for you on the chia blockchain.  When you buy a myXCH address you get a subdomain on the website  Currently there are 3 functions for this website. 

  1. Link Hub
  2. Easy Payment
  3. Article Writing

The Link page

The root page of your subdomain (ie is your links page.  You can create links from your dashboard.

The Payment page

Owners of myXCH.Space NFTs will get a payment page (ie that lets people easily send them money.  There are two ways this page works.  The first way is if the owner has not put in an alternate XCH address in their profile.  The payment address will be pulled from mintgarden or spacescan by looking up the owner of the NFT.  If you only use your Goby wallet for this NFT and prefer another wallet address, you can enter it in your profile.  Then the payment address will be redirected to the address you enter.

Users are able to verify the authenticity of this address by looking at the users profile page ( verifying it has been signed with the correct wallet

Article Writing

You can write and publish articles to your address.  These help documents are published using that feature.  You also get the opportunity to Monetize the article.  That will put a payment link at the bottom of the page where people can donate to you easily if they like your content.

Help support me by donating below.

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